Logos are known as a point or way of identification, like a symbol that is used so that clients recognize you and what you represent.
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You may be asking yourself, why do I need a good and affordable logo design and branding? What difference does having a good and affordable logo and branding make in my business? Where do I find the best and affordable logo designs and branding in South Africa? Well, having a good logo and branding helps to build trust between a client and the business, it tells the client who you are, what you offer and how it benefits them. By delivering a professional, good and affordable logo and branding, people won’t question the quality of the service that can be delivered. This is where WebFast Technologies understands the quality and story-telling requirements it takes to create a proper logo and branding and are able to meet these requests and requirements from our clients. People make quick, hasty decisions when it comes to the creation of logos and branding. A good logo on its own should grab a client in such a way that the client feels a certain feeling when they look at the logo and branding of a company/business, that feeling you get that makes you go “I want this!” and makes you want someone else to get that exact feeling when they see your logo and branding.

Importance of a good logo.

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A good logo is not just a picture that goes with your business to make it look pretty, it plays many different roles that influence the image and face of your company. Having a good logo that is simple yet memorable and powerful makes a statement. A logo is important, because having a stunning logo and the best branding grabs the attention of a client by keeping it “short but sweet”; it makes a statement for your business as you only have one chance to get it right, first impression lasts forever; it acts as the foundation for your business image as it lets your story be told through the logo, by using the right colours, fonts, text, wording, imagery etc.; it’s memorable to clients as you draw them in and make a statement, a logo acts as a point of symbolism or identification that influences the recognition of the company, for someone to see your business logo and have a lightbulb moment of “great business/great people to work with/I got exactly what I wanted”; it separates you from others to be different and to be bold; it creates brand loyalty as consistency is key when it comes to delivering a service and lastly, clients expect it as good logos and the best branding is the first thing the client sees, this is where they make the choice between you and another business, so let your logo do the talking and help them choose you!

Importance of branding.

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Having a good and affordable logo isn’t enough, it also needs the best branding. To have the best brand is everything! By having branding along with your logo it increases the value of the business, it inspires and gives the employees motivation to continue working towards the goal and to have the dedication to do so; it makes attracting new customers easier. Business branding improves the recognition to the client, to know who you are and what you offer to existing or potentially new clients; the logo is seen as the “face” of the business which is a big deal; creating trust by allowing your clients to feel safe and secure to share their ideas and create a vision through you for their desired need, letting them be comfortable when committing to you and knowing that they made the right decision. Branding supports advertising which is another component within branding as it helps to build the brand bigger and better; it builds financial value in the company by having the best branding as it can guarantee future clients and lastly, it generates and pulls new clients in as branding generates word-of-mouth, as mentioned above, advertising does play a big role when it comes to starting a new company/business, as that is how clients get to discover and hear of you. Another big part of branding and advertising that goes hand in hand is word-of-mouth, it is much more powerful and meaningful when you hear it from someone you know, love and trust. Choosing or creating the correct fit for what you are trying to portray to clients, in order for them to know you and to recognize you out of a bunch of different businesses can be tricky, but WebFast Technologies does exactly this when it comes to working with existing or new clients, individually or as a group, they create a safe haven for you and allows you to live out your vision through them. By allowing WebFast to create exactly what you want for your business in and around South Africa. We as a business work well with clients to create the perfect, story-telling, memorable, bold, unique, affordable and best logo and branding designs in and around South Africa. They capture the image that you as a client want to portray which will be the image of your business in any shape or form, WebFast offers you stunning logos and branding requirements. We offer printing, embroidery and digital work and even courier the designs to your doorstep! I mean, what more can you ask for? By investing into WebFast Technologies you invest into your business’ future with your logo design, which automatically invests in your business and the future thereof.

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