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Our Editing Software


Coral Draw

CorelDRAW is a vector graphics editor and we do most business cards and logo development in CorelDraw.


Adobe Illustrator

This is our vector based editing software. We make use of this to edit previous logos to change little things. Such as, colour grading, pixel misplacement and image changes.



Photoshop is our most powerful tool when it comes to logos and graphics. We redesign entire logos with this software as well as create brand new ones!


Deep dive into our design process

Efficient and Professional Logo Design in Bloemfontein

Step #1

When we start with a logo the first we ask from the client (you) is to provide us with some background information such as, what industry it is, the feel of the design. For example, Techno, Futuristic, Artistic, Colourful, Joyful etc. We also would like you to provide what industry it is going to represent.

Efficient and Professional Logo Design in Bloemfontein
Creative Logo Designing

Step #2

What specified design elements you would like to incorporate into the logo such as the letter spacing, preset shape to work off of, using the slogan incorporated into the logo or to used the name of the business to create the entire logo.

Logo Design in South Africa, Bloemfontein

Step #3

We showcase 3 different designs and give you the option to choose an option and work from there or to maybe incorporate a little of all 3 designs given. Then from there one we make sure we use the correct font aligned with your liking. After that the final draft is created and minor changes are made for the official launch of your new logo!

Logo Design in South Africa, Bloemfontein

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