Lets take a look at the cost involved getting a website designed in South Africa
Cost to get a website designed South Africa

How Much Does a Full Website Cost?
Businesses tend to ask for a full 4 – 5 page website design, consisting of your most important pages of any business profile. Home page also known as your landing page the page most people look at and your first chance to grab your client’s attention. Followed by the About Us page to showcase more about your business or the main goal of your website. Services page listing all your services you have to offer or a products page if you have an online shop and a contact us page so visitors browsing your website can get a hold of you to potentially make use of your services or buy products. The average price for a basic website is R3 000 – R6 000.

Cost of Website Design Packages

We have done the research for you and compared packages from some of the best website design companies
in South Africa, have a look

Website Functionality
This is a big part of any website, you have to ask yourself what exactly do I require from my website? The more functions you require it will play a big factor on website design prices and that is normally charged additionally:
• Ecommerce / Online Shop
• Bookings website
• Memberships and Calendar website functionality
• Custom products archive page design
• 3rd party software integrations (CRM systems)
• User dashboard login, Register
• Paid sections, streams etc.

Developing and creating custom coded functionalities can get pricey. To avoid big cost, and save some money there are a few website agencies in South Africa like Web Fast Tech and Web Partner that offers monthly website design packages that allows a customer to save on any first big payments / deposits and makes website design affordable. This is a good route if you have advanced website functionality requirements.

Types Of Website Designs
WordPress is known as the worlds most popular website platform and that is shown that 43% of all websites on the internet are made with WordPress. We also have Joomla, Drupal as other platforms used. The more commonly known are also WIX making it very easy for anyone to create a website but when you compare the price you pay for what you get makes WordPress stand out above all the other platforms and that’s why so many web agencies in South Africa use WordPress as their go to platform to create websites and online stores.
Take in to account the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also made easier on platforms such as WordPress giving you a better chance to grow an organic traffic to your website and ultimately grow your business and website reach audience. Having your site built on Joomla or Drupal you would have to hire a SEO expert to do basic SEO something you could easily do on WordPress and WIX and this will also set your cost of having a
good website on the internet. Remember having a fantastic website is great but if you don’t get traffic no one is looking at it.

Website prices comparison for South Africa

Let’s have a look at types of websites and their estimated cost. Based on our research and average quotes received this is what you can expect to pay for your website:

Basic 5 Page Business Website
• Home page, About, Services / Product
• Contact Us Page
• Art work and stock images
• Basic On Page SEO
This should cost around R5 000 – R6 500 at most South African web agencies.

Blog and Portfolio Websites design
• 1 Page design, simple look with great blogging structure
• News section
• Easy blog updates via phone or custom dashboard
• Basic Gallery page
R4 000 – R5 500 for a good blogging website is a good price range to expect.

Events and Booking Websites
• Full booking system
• Payment gateway
• Product or Event archive product / service setup
• Extra security measurements
• Good server speed
• Automated emails for tickets / events
R10 000 – R18 500 Once you involve the E-commerce element to any website you increase the cost of the website because an ecommerce website requires a lot more setup and are labor intensive and can take weeks to complete. You should also keep in mind that there could be a 3rd party cost as well because many plugins and resources require monthly payment or annually and this can also hamper your cost of having a website.

Website Hosting costs
The cost of hosting your website is also something you need to keep in mind because once your website is designed it needs a reliable hosting provider before you choose a provider keep in mind that security and outages is key to picking the best provider. Web Fast Tech is well known for hosting multiple servers in South Africa and has a 99.9% up time and they also offer website design offering a full web companion to any business or personal needs.

Read more about why hosting is so important for your website.


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