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The city of Gqeberha, formerly known as Port Elizabeth has been given the name of “Friendly City” by many. Port Elizabeth boasts extremely talented website designers. Providing adequate support, affordable website designers in Port Elizabeth is also a possibility.

Do I need to find a Website designer in Port Elizabeth?

You certainly don’t! Website designers are all over South Africa, same as Webfast Technologies. Located in the heart of George. Boasting one of the highest reviewed website design company in George. Having clients from all over including Port Elizabeth or Gqeberha. 

Why we say no to only looking for a Website Designer in Port Elizabeth.

We never like limiting ourselves nor our clients. So limiting yourself to a small pool of website designers, only in Port Elizabeth, would be like shooting yourself in the foot.

Don’t get me wrong.

There are very talented companies in PE but you should surely look further than the horizon. You’d be thoroughly surprised!

There are some benefits we would like to highlight on why connecting with someone online would be of your best interest.

Benefits of being online:

  • You can meet in the comfort of your own home.
  • Don’t need to drive around with increasing petrol prices.
  • You get instantaneous service with Webfast.

Now that you have seen some of the benefits of meeting with online website designers you would surely be convinced on broadening your search.

Where does website design pricing start at?

A question many people ask but little business’s or companies can answer. We have a simple answer, R450/pm. Webfast makes use of a 24-month contract basis. Structuring their pricing so it fits your needs. They also do bespoke website designing pricing.   

Do you know what’s the best part of this contract?

It includes all the following:

This is just their starting package. They also have more website design packages that you could be interested in, simply click here to view them.

Once-off pricing

The once-off pricing starts at R9500 for a basic website but unfortunately excludes hosting which would be in addition to the basic website once-off price.

Both have their own benefits but we personally recommend the monthly pricing packages as this covers basically all costs from the start. It also doesn’t take that much out of your pocket from the start of the project.

How Do I start a website In PE

How do I start a website?

The process starts by reaching out to a website designer not necessarily in Port Elizabeth or Gqerberha but other regions of South Africa like George, Garden Route where Webfast is located.

What’s the first step?

After you have reached out to a website designer the first thing you should ask, if they have available, how their website packages work. This is so that you don’t have any hidden costs. Like any business the best practise is to ask for a quote on what you need.

All I need is a website for my business, what should I ask?

A good question to ask a website designer is what they suggest you do in relation to your business. An example could be if you own a business that sells products then the best approach would be getting an ecommerce website design package.  

How will my website be updated?

A maintenance package is almost always good to take out especially if you are with Webfast as they offer maintenance on a next level.

This maintenance package is worked into their larger web design packages and have massive benefits. As this includes small website changes and amazing service regarding website hacks, crashes and more!

I need a website design revamp in Port Elizabeth.

A website revamp is simple. First things that a website designer in Port Elizabeth or Gqerberha would ask is if you would like to keep your current hosting or if you would like to move your hosting package over to them (keep in mind your emails might be stored on this server so ensure they are always backed up).

Do I get a responsive website design?

In terms of Webfast located in George, Garden Route, South Africa. I know that they always design a responsive website no matter what package you are on. Where some website design companies might ask an additional fee to make the website responsive. Webfast already has this included in the already low price website design packages.

Do I need a responsive website?

Yes! A responsive website is extremely important as the most website viewers are on mobile. Have a look at this quick statistic below for a better visualization on why a website should be responsive.

Mobile Responsiveness Chart 2024 - Website Designers Port Elizabeth


As you can see statistics provided by gs.statcounter.com shows the increase in mobile users all the way since 2016. Today in 2024 there is a staggering amount of people who rather browse on their mobile devices and this is why Webfast includes this responsiveness design in all their website design packages.

Final Thoughts on Website Designers in Port Elizabeth.

Having a website in 2024 is extremely important, because most people Google you before actually visiting your offices. Sometimes they Google you to even find your offices. Don’t let any leads slip through, with the affordable web design packages Webfast offers. How could you say no?

Staring a website is easy as 1, 2 and 3.

The website designer steps you through the entire process. Contact Webfast Technologies for all your website design needs.


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