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Our website design agency services will greatly increase your business’ presence on the Internet. Our designs are always Lightweight, Responsive and Mobile Friendly.

Website Design Pricing Packages

Once - off

Hosting Included* On Current Selected Packages


Per Month


Per Month


Per Month


1 Year Hosting Included* with "Professional" Website Design Package

R9 500

Once – off

R15 000

Once – off


Please note that we do not offer the Ultimate package as a once-off payment option, as it requires ongoing maintenance and support for more advanced and technical websites.

Webfast offers website design services in all of the following South African locations:

What's The Difference?

Which Website Design Package Is Right for me?

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Every website design agency has a monthly payment option which means you pay each month for your website design. With our website design agency packages we include hosting for the entirety of your contract. This saves you anything from R2 000+ per year!

Do you want to know the best part?

This contract expires after 24 – 48 months (depending on your package)

Carrying on with your monthly option which includes hosting, also having the added benefits of SSL Security, Professional Email Addresses and Monthly Maintenance (depending on package).

The following is included:


Just like the monthly option, all website design agencies also have once-off options for people that don’t want to pay monthly. This means the website is fully in your hands when the design has been signed off. We can also do the hosting for your website but it would be, depending on your server size, at an additional cost.

You save quite a bit when opting for the Once-off option but leaves you with additional costs which include hosting and maintenance where both are optional.

This package type is good for businesses that have an immediate budget to spend on a website design and don’t plan on keeping their website up to date.

The following is additional if required:
How It Works

Our website design agency process

With these simple steps you will have a fully functioning website within no time.


First step is to get in contact with us so we can discuss what you need regarding your brand new or already existing website.


A meeting will be setup with the Webfast and website design agency team to discuss what needs to be on your website. Getting all the vital details to represent your brand correctly.


On this step the production will start! An estimated time-to-showcasing by our website design agency will be given to you in regards to how long your website will take to create. Presenting you with the first draft.


Presentation day! Your latest and greatest website will be showcased to you. Either in person or over a video call. Here we will get all relevant feedback and get ready for the final draft.

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What's included?

Website Design for Business

Mobile Friendly

Having a mobile friendly website is extremely important. Depending on your industry, up to 90% of your users will view your website on their mobile phone. This website design agency ensures that your website is mobile friendly.

User Friendly

When you choose to design with our website design agency then your design, no matter how extra-ordinary, will always be user friendly. We ensure the navigation is easy to use. Your website design is straight to the point and gets engagement.


We will create a very responsive website that will make sure you keep your viewers locked on the website and interested in your business. With fast loading times and interactive options.


Your website will have fast loading times ensuring an optimized database, backend and most important of all, images. A lightweight website is extremely important ensuring you don’t lose your viewers


Efficiency is very important when it comes to a user visiting a website. We always clean up the site when launched, clean up unnecessary backend code and ensure the frontend is as fast as possible

Content Driven

Content is extremely important for users to see what your business is all about. Relevant content catches attention. Content is provided by you to us, the website design agency, then we find the suitable placement for provided content. Well written content is also the key factor for SEO.

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