What is Website SEO?

Please feel free to have a read on why you website SEO is important to your website's survival.
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What really is Website SEO?

Website SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the collection of keyword research, back linking, analyzing the current google index ‘market’ and many more aspects. Which, in turn, improves your website’s google ranking or in other words, your google indexing score.

What is the point of Website SEO?

Let’s start from the beginning. Search Engine Optimizing your website is very important as it improves your website’s chances of being found on google with the keyword your business is associated with. We at Webfast assists your website in ranking on google for those set keywords. We also do the market research to see what your competitors do to help them rank. Which, in turn, helps your website rank in the long term.

Why does your Website need SEO?

Let’s say for example your business consists of electrical work, which entails all the different things electricians can do such as, rewiring of a house or putting in a new oven. When someone googles for “House rewiring” or “Oven Installation”. You want them to be able to land on your website. That is why your website should have SEO. Otherwise people need to put in your business’ name to be able to get to your website.

How long does website optimization take to work?

This is a tricky question as many factors play a role in your website’s indexing role. How your website is designed has an impact on google indexing as google needs to be able to easily read your content in the HTML structure.  With google knowing your website SEO is set up correctly will help a lot with your indexing score. Driving keywords on blogs or driving new content consistently, either weekly or monthly, will help your website improve greatly. But this process can take months to show any real results as to get the trustworthiness from google takes time to process.

What else helps Website SEO?

Now, we have mostly discussed that keywords are very important when it comes to website SEO. But that is most definitely not only thing that helps you rank. We have compiled a list below that assists your website with its ranking on google.

  1. Keyword Research.
  2. Blogs (Pushing Keywords).
  3. Domain Authority.
  4. Back Linking.
  5. Readable Website Content.
  6. Good HTML Structure.
  7. Consistency.
  8. Exposure, sharing on Social Media, Linking Socials.
  9. Our Secret Indexing Spice 😉

Google also needs to see ‘useful’ content on your website which people are searching for. Otherwise it doesn’t help to try and rank for something people are not searching for. It’s the same as trying to start a car with no engine!

How does Website SEO process start?

With our amazing team at Webfast Technologies, you can’t go wrong with getting in touch with us, talking about your website SEO needs and having them fulfilled and seeing results in a few months as the SEO process does take a while to do. We will then take over your website’s SEO in respect your plan. Getting all the required keywords we want your website to rank for and what is rank able. Meaning people are actually searching those keywords or something similar to those keywords.

How much does Website SEO cost?

We have many pricing plans set out just for you and the needs your website might need. You can see the pricing plans below or follow the link for more details on each package.

Webfast SEO Packages Pricing and Cost

We also offer custom packages to accommodate almost anybody’s budget. Feel free to contact us to get this deal today!

Terminology Breakdown.

Google Indexing: This is the process of google placing your website on the google search rankings where it sees fit. (Obviously you want to be number one on that list for a certain category or keyword so let Webfast handle this for you).

Domain Authority: Domain authority is the trustworthiness of your website in the eyes of google.

Back Linking: Having other websites with a very good domain authority linking to your website.

HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language. This is the framework programming language that all sites in the world consist of.

Final Words

Having website SEO is very important to the survival of your online business especially if you are selling products online. Here at Webfast we encourage our clients to strongly consider taking out a website SEO package. You are in safe hands as our experts have a lot of experience in search engine optimizing your website.


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