Know how much a website should cost is essential to your website looking and costing what it should.
Understanding website costs


The first thing you should ask yourself is, do I know how much a website design cost? In general it’s quite a hard question to answer. Let me put it like this. You are looking to get a car, so you ask how much does a car cost? Initially it seems like an easy answer but you get many different types of cars just like you get various types of website designs which impact the website design cost.

Website Design Cost Breakdown

Let’s start with how we quote for each design. We have predetermined packages which you can find the screenshot of below or follow this link.

Monthly – Website Design Cost

Once Off – Website Design Cost

Pricing can start anywhere from R349/pm to R749p/m for monthly options which includes the hosting and the design.
We also offer once-off pricing which start from R4995 to R8990.

As you can see we give various website design cost options varying from, monthly to once-off. We always encourage our clients to go for the Pro version as this is the best all rounded package. This also gets you the best design-for-money around. Webfast offers excellent service when it comes to either once-off and monthly. Let’s continue with the breakdown.

  1. What are your goals for the website?
  2. Will the website have any integration?
  3. Would you be taking payments on this website?
  4. Future plans for the website?
  5. Lastly, do you require hosting, domain and emails with the website?

These are some of the basic questions we ask when quoting for a custom website design. Website design costs can become increasingly expensive especially if there are multiple integrations. Integrations are basically connections from your website to a third party, which either handles information or data.

Website Design Extras

With every website design there are extras that can be added either for free or paid. We usually try to include the most into the price to cut our clients costs where possible. Such as including Elementor Pro, Domains, SSL Certificates as well Hosting (depending on your package). These can easily add up to around R10, 000+ yearly.

Other extras such as designs and integrations usually increase the website design cost either drastically or minimally, depending on needs.

What To Know

Knowing what you want and doing research is always very important. We as a website design company have noticed that some business’ website design costs are very low, to the point of working at a loss. We always encourage people to look at portfolios before taking on a project with them.

” Cheap service gets you a cheap product “.

Knowing what people have created before, can give you a very good indication on if they can deliver on your requirments and needs. Knowing all their different website design costs will give you a clear indication which package would be better for you or your business.


What we at Webfast always recommend our clients are to take the monthly maintenenace packages as they are the best value for money. You get a stunning looking website at a rediculously good price. We recommend our clients to always choose what’s best for them but when push comes to shove whatever fits into you budget is what’s the best option for you. Even our cheapest packages include a stunning website design.

We recommend you to see our portfolio of what we have created before and what big companies we have previously worked with.

Final Words

Doing thorough research is extremely important when you do research for website design costs. You need to understand how a website is structured to have your own desired outcome. As we have previously mentioned, a website doesn’t just consist of words and images on a page. Its a story you are telling to potential clients or customers. So knowing what you need will help you figure out your costs as well budget for a big project such as a website design.

Let Webfast assist you with our abundance of services which includes, hosting, social media management, business emails, search engine optimization, drone promotional videos and more!


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