Increase a website's speed increase the viewer attraction and improves your changes of converting a viewer to a client.
Website Performance Optimization

Do you feel it isn’t up to par with the high performance websites of 2021?

We at Webfast offer our clients high quality and fast websites. By using multiple lightweight plugins, a proper cache system and fast server response time management.

With 2022 just around the corner, having a slow website will not do. In an age of technology with fast and quality internet and service providers, having a slow site will infuriate your customers and you might just lose your biggest sale of the year. How do you avoid this, you might ask? One word, optimization.

Optimizing and maintaining your website is crucial in this day and age. The e-commerce world is competitive and gruesome. It is not forgiving on newcomers and you might find it difficult to get a foot hold and make your lasting footprint on the World Wide Web.

What can make your website slow and cause it to underperform?

First of all, the biggest problem will be Images, you might not know it, but Google has a ranking system to where it ranks your website called SEO or search engine optimization. It has rules and criteria it follows to see how high you are ranked and how high in the google searches you come up with. Not only does heavy weight images and pictures have an effect on your website’s speed, but on your SEO as well. Your logo might be a culprit in your underperforming website. Its size may be big and cause the website to load longer than it should. Webfast offers optimized images to help your website become the high preforming website it should be.

Where is your website hosted and how much load can it carry?

Your website is an important part of your business in 2021 as well as 2022. Having a quality and reliable host can make or break your website. Webfast offers you a web hosting service that is reliable, well reviewed, internationally, and locally. Our web host has a 99% uptime and assures fast and high quality connection to your website.

Mobile and user friendliness.

According to studies made more than 60% of searches right now are made on mobile devices and devices of the sort. With the rise of mobile users, making your website mobile friendly is crucial to sustain your business and make sure that your customer base rises with the amount of mobile users. If your website looks good on a desktop but not on a mobile or smaller devices, you will lose a lot of attention. Proper navigation on a website that makes it user friendly is just as important. Having a well-formatted and customized website that helps the user achieve his/her goal for being on your website is just as crucial- as the website itself.

Increase the speed of your website with CDN and Caching.

A content delivery network, also known as a CDN, is a geographically distributed group of servers that store content of HTML pages, JavaScript files, CSS files, images, and videos. A CDN caches the content from your website on multiple servers in different locations. Then the CDN delivers content to your visitors through the server that’s the closest to them. CDN have advantages such as, but not limited to: increased site speed, become crash resistant, improved user experience and boost your site’s SEOs.

Include offers on your website.

Rather than waiting for your potential customers to make the first move, give your website visitors the opportunity to engage with you more by including special offers on your website and in your blog posts. People are often more than willing to exchange a small amount of personal information like their name and email for a piece of high quality educational content, like an e-book or guide. Your offers can range from soft offers that continue to build interest, like extra information that is available to them, or create a more substantial relationship with your customers, like requesting a free assessment or information. You need to add offers to your website because that would grab and keep viewers because they start to feel invested.

How to reduce HTTP requests to your website.

Minifying the code of your website makes your site load faster by requiring fewer and shorter http requests. Enabling lazy load will help your site to not load images and videos that are not needed right now; this will decrease load times and use only the resources that are currently needed and seen on the site. This method also decreases the http requests to your website. Finally,, remove the unneeded images from your site. Images that are on the site automatically load and send HTTP requests to your site. 60% of users are more open to buying items that they can see with photos, but too many photos will do more harm than good.


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