Five ways to increase your E-commerce profit right now

Every business needs more profit. How can you Increase e-commerce profit.
E-commerce Profit Strategies and Insights

First, let’s ask ourselves. What is E-commerce

The term e-commerce is broadly defined as individuals and companies buying or selling products using an online platform. You can find e-commerce sites using, but not limited to: computers, laptops, phones and tablets. E-commerce has changed the way people shop. They now use their phones to buy and order products from the comfort of their own home. Let’s find out how to increase e-commerce profit today!

What is a known e-commerce site?

One we all know today is Amazon. It has become one of the world’s largest e-commerce websites. It is so common and popular that some people use it to make a living being independent sellers. Even a big corporate company was started from just one man and an idea. If you have the motivation you are halfway there, hopefully this article will help with the rest. Why is Amazon so successful? Here’s some tips that even the world’s most popular e-commerce site uses.

1. Easy to use

People are looking for an easy way to get what they need, when they need it. When you are looking for a bed, you don’t want to navigate your way through your website and blast past 10 different pages to get to the bed they want. Once a person has a product in mind, they want to see the different options and choose them from there. Design your website to be easy to navigate and add functionality to assist, such as a search option and a catalogue of different options for individuals to choose from. A good website goes a long way. A site that is visually pleasing to look at with no errors and added functionality will make the users you have found already stay there. Making your website easy to use will also diversify your clientele, to ensure not only the tech savvy can find what they need but also the elderly looking for a gift. Increase e-commerce profit.

2. Make use of different payment methods

In 2021 we have ample amounts of ways to pay for something other than just using your debit/credit card. Some excellent examples would be PayPal, PayFast, Yoco, PayU, PayGate and Mastercard. People like security and assurance. Once you add that using a trusted and secure payment method it puts people at ease and makes it more compelling to do transactions, because once there is trust they are at ease and will browse more freely. Different payment options also allow your users to find a payment method, they have access to. Not all countries have the same payment methods and there is a chance that they won’t be able to have access to your current payment methods. This, in turn, will boost diversity, the amount of clientele and keep your traffic high.

payment-gateways we support

3. Shipping

Customers do not always want to go out to pick up the items from their local store. Shipping is a great way to increase sales. Marketing strategies for shipping include free shipping. Free shipping locally makes people more inclined to buy items from your site. You may think that free shipping would cause you to lose money. If you take advantage of your local carrier network it will not cost you much and the added traffic and sales on your e-commerce site will more than make up for the cost. Next step will be to take it internationally. Your product may not be popular or needed in your current location or region, but another country has high sales of that product. It is simple supply and demand. Reducing the cost of said international shipping. This will also prod your customers to buy from your site instead of another where the price is much higher. Increase e-commerce profit.

4. Marketing

Living in the age of technology, we have many different platforms of marketing at our disposal. We can exploit this to our advantage. More than 80% of the world’s population has access to phones and social media. Taking this to heart, we can utilize this untapped resource and expand our marketing influence. Phone ads and ads on social media can be shared between users themselves. Once you have made an impact on your target demographic, they will spread the news and increase the traffic to your e-commerce website. Up next is the internet. 50% of users have access to the internet and are prone to seeing the ad somewhere while they are browsing. Create ads that are pleasant to look at and strait to the point. Your ads need to pull someone’s attention while they are browsing and compel them to read. Lastly, sales. People buy more of a product that has a limited time marked-down price. It creates a sense of urgency that they would not get another chance like this. People will often then buy in bulk and spend more than they were originally planning on spending. Increase e-commerce profit.

Increase e-commerce profit

5. SEO (search engine optimization)

Some have not heard the term, so here is a brief explanation. The internet has a ranking system where they rank the different websites and your ranking is how high on the page your website appears. Search engine optimization is a mixture of interlinking your website and keywords that gives you a higher score and improves your ranking… it also influences your relevance to a topic and credibility. These are all different parts of having search engine optimization. You may have an amazing website but no traffic. That could mean that you don’t have search engine optimization and your website is likely sitting on page 30 in Google. Web Fast Technologies offers a range of deals where they implement search engine optimization for your website, where they do the research and optimization for you. Studies have shown that 78% of SEO issues come from poorly optimized images. One way you can improve your SEO on your own with images in mind, is to rename your images to something relevant to your content and use keywords that can help the search engine find your website once the keyword has been entered.

Final Words: Quick Summary

1. Make your website easy to use and pleasant to look at.

2. Using different payment methods increase sales.

3. Not all people are willing to pick up products, shipping can increase sales 10 fold

4. Marketing to the right group using the right means will allow more people to know about your business

5. Using an SEO will passively increase your website’s traffic and increase sales.


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